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Bismillahirahmanirahim 2013
Monday, December 31, 2012 • 10:09 PM • 0 Love Letter ♥

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Alhamdulillah beberapa jam lagi 2012 akan menamatkan masa yang telah ditetapkan dengan jayanya yeahhh !! Tapi, taklah begitu 'jayanya' buat aku. I dont know. I can feel that I experience the year of 2012 with a lot of problems, losing and more. Starting with losing a few friends who had move away from the school. Oh Allah, it's hard. So hard losing our besties. 

But, yang patah tumbuh yang hilang berganti kan ? Praise a lot to Allah, He had give me some new friends that I really can friends with. They are my classmates. Allah, Alhamdulillah. Almost 3 years behind, I never be perfectly match with my classmates. Argue, heart broken, tears because of them was just like a normal thing. Yes ! Normal thing for last 3 years. I dont know why in 2012, all of us were like a colony of ants. Learning, gossiping, laughing, cooperating, solving the problems with each other. Ahhhh, MasyaAllah it was grateful ! Almost the time I'll be with them. Sorry my other friends, aku masih sayang kan korang. Yes, I admit. Aku kurang bersama dengan korang for this year. But maybe aku ni malas nak keluar kelas kot and bila dah berborak dengan classmates lagi lah bertambah malas nak pergi kelas korang. Heeee. Tapi dekat luar we still hang out together right ? Jangan marah ehhhh ehh ehhhh. I always love you. I mean all of you :')

The classmates

Never forget you :')

2012, my academic getting worst. I felt like I had dissappoint my parents and teachers. I'm so sorry. I'd try to be like before. Easy to understand, easy to remember all the il'mu. But, hmmm I feel more stupid, coward. Arghhh ! Why I'm being like this ? Even all my friends too. Ya Allah. SPM in 2013. Ya Allah, beri kami semua kejayaan fidunya wal akhirat. Give us the way, the better way. Aaminn.

2012, your time will end soon. You had teach me a lot of experiences. To accept all the things, to be positive when losing. Thank you :')

2013, your time will start soon. I never know what gonna be happened to me when I'm being with you. May Allah make us perfectly match together. Biznillah. Bismillahirahmanirahim.....

Muchos Amos,

Hazira Hamdan


Assalamualaikum ! " Saya bercakap kerana saya peramah dan saya sombong kerana saya menjaga diri saya.. Terima kasih " Hazira Hamdan .. Sixteen years old .. See the beautiful in wide vision people ! :)
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Hazira Raif

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